Volunteering in four easy steps. 

Really. Just 4 (step four being actually volunteering) 

1. Find an organization who needs volunteers.

Every Volunteer Host organization has a profile page on Wildfire. These profile pages are listed on our volunteer host directory. Every volunteer organization profile page lists their mission, volunteer stats, existing volunteer opportunities, a needs list for volunteers, suggest opportunity to organizer form, and a contact organizer email link.

volunteer host directory.gif

2. Find an opportunity or create a custom one.

There are two ways to find a volunteer event for your company. First, on a Volunteer Host organization’s profile page you can find pre-existing opportunities listed that may fit your needs. Second, also on a volunteer host’s profile page, you can find a list of needs 'For Group Volunteers' or 'For Individuals'. If you don't find something pre-existing that fits, you can suggest an opportunity that can be created just for you. 

Find opp of create

3. Sign up to volunteer.

Easy. Once you find the opportunity you want to attend, just find the role and shift that fits best and hit the volunteer button. You will be sent a confirmation email and have a chance to add the even to your calendar. 

sign up for shift.gif

4. Now go volunteer and have a blast! We'll celebrate with stories, pictures, and stats after.

Volunteer organizations will be expecting you. Have a blast doing good and helping out. We will celebrate this with stories, pictures, and stats that we will share on our platforms and on social media.


Your team's not on Wildfire yet? We can change that. Reach out here.