Hey there! Thanks for signing on!

Now that you've registered, here are some suggestions on how to get started!

Sign up for a featured volunteer opportunity that's probably waiting for you!

Right after you register, you will be taken to your dashboard. Right below the blue header banner, you may see a section titled "Special Opportunities created for you". Here are volunteer opportunities... well... created specially for you and your team. Go and sign up for a shift!

special opp demo

Create an avatar that's just so very you.

Click on the grey temporary avatar in the top right corner. Then click on "edit profile".  You'll be able to change your name and pick just the right pic that represents all that you are. Your first name and avatar will show up on shifts you signed up for to your coworkers. This way you'll know when and where your friends and team are volunteering. 

avatar demo

Jump onto an existing volunteer opportunity that needs your help

Our volunteer organizations have pre-existing opportunities ready for you. The volunteer organizations that appear right on your dashboard are the ones that have available shifts and need volunteers. 

sign up for shift.gif

Just find one. Click volunteer. Confirm. And done. You now can add your shift to the calendar or easily cancel if need be.


Reach out and create a group opportunity for your team.

Want to take it to 100 and create a custom opportunity for your team? Awesome, it's easy. Go to the profile page of any volunteer organization. There you'll find a list of needs 'For Group Volunteers' or 'For Individuals'. Armed with that info, you can Suggest an Opportunity that can be created just for your team or just for you!

suggest demo

Log some volunteering hours you are already doing!

You are already out there volunteering. No surprise! Let's start logging those hours now! No need to wait for us or anybody. Just go to the bottom of your dashboard to "add hours" to...well, add hours from anywhere.

add hour demo.gif

Still a little lost? Reach out to your account manager or support@spreadwildfire.com and we'll guide you home.