Shop for Good Sunday

Shop for Good Sunday

Here’s a Wild idea for you. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Americans spend over $1 trillion each year on holiday gifts. By pledging to use our purchasing power to support brands that do good for people, animals, and the planet, we can get our loved ones not only an incredible gift, but the gift of a better future.

Doing Good is Good for You

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United Health Group (#5 in the Fortune 500) is taking corporate volunteering more than seriously as a real benefit to employee health.  Volunteering reduces stress, increases happiness, forges strong bonds with colleagues and more.  

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This giant health insurance company has seen so much benefit to employee health that they are recommending corporate volunteering as a preventative health measure. And we haven't even talked about the benefit to the community and each other's quality of life.

Get on board. Do some good. We'll see you out there.

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Linked to United Health Group's study here.