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Team volunteering is now easy


Your team wants to volunteer. Organizations need volunteer help. Why isn't this easy? It is now. Wildfire simplifies volunteering and brings us all together for easy, actionable giving. We'll volunteer more than ever before - without overloading your already busy schedule. 

Our service is the effective combination of our web app and an account manager dedicated to your team.


Everybody Wins!


A vibrant company culture with a tangible commitment to social impact raises employee retention, recruitment, and productivity. Happy people - happy company.


Your volunteering builds a thriving community - where we all work and live.


We are changing the world one volunteer opportunity at a time. Together, nothing is impossible.

Bonus! By using Wildfire, you can accomplish all this while saving time, money, and hardship.

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Failure to launch?

Where can you volunteer? Who do you talk to? It feels like you have to be an industry-insider master networker to figure out how to begin volunteering.

Not anymore - with our shared network of volunteer organizations and professional assistance.

Supporting Features:
  • Volunteer organization directory
  • Volunteer coordinator contact links
  • Opportunity postings
  • Professional support to create strategic outreach plan

Collaborate simply

The back and forth of planning can be overwhelming and email inbox filling. We provide simple tools and personal Wildfire staff support, so your volunteer group will be volunteering in no time.

Supporting Features:
  • In app email links
  • Create volunteer opportunities in 3 easy steps
  • Professional support to curate opportunities
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No herding cats

Even when you have a volunteer opportunity, handling everyone's questions and logistical needs can be a ton of extra work. It can easily become more work than the actual volunteering experience.

We have you covered.

Supporting Features:
  • Volunteer Shift Scheduler
  • Calendar Integration
  • Professional support for your in-house communications

Impact tracking

We'll do this for you. You all are doing great work and you should be recognized for it. But, it's not just a pat on the back. Recognition of impact and progress is inspirational - for others and for yourself. It's inspiration to keep going - to reach even further.

Supporting Features:
  • Reports & Metrics
  • Blog Posts of Your Volunteer Opportunities
  • Social Media Posts celebrating Your Accomplishments
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Be the Spark

Light the fire to volunteer in your company.